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Market Opportunity    

There are significant unmet medical needs in pain resulting in substantial negative impacts on quality of life and productivity. In 2000, over 86 million Americans were afflicted with pain causing an economic loss of US$90 billion annually. Within this group, about 40 million suffer from chronic pain, 28 million are afflicted with migraine headaches, and 1.5 million suffer neuropathic pain. Although current analgesics on the market, including NSAIDs, selective COX inhibitors, and narcotic analgesics are effective in treating acute pain, they are less effective in chronic pain and mostly ineffective in neuropathic pain.

Incidence of Pain in the US in Millions of Patients

The market for all pain therapies was US $17 billion in 2000, and is expected to grow to $41 billion by 2010 of which an increasing proportion will be for chronic pain conditions.

Migraine Market

35 million (12.6%) of North Americas suffer from migraines, resulting in $17 billion economic costs or 100 million bedridden days, and there are three distinct migraine markets:

  • Acute  
    • ~$3 billion market (Sumatriptan, the leading triptan, currently accounts for ~45%)
    • ~50% of patients do not respond to triptans, the leading drug class for acute migraines
  • Rescue
    •  Emergency room treatment of non-responders ~$1 billion health care costs
  • Prophylaxis
    • 20-30% of patients require chronic prophylactic agents to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks

Source: Datamonitor 2007, Scrip Report, Migraine 2004

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